We achieve competitive pricing, consistent quality and timely service by controlling our own farms as well as through direct access to farmers and producers of the commodities we procure. Controlling our supply allows us to control delivery schedules, quality specifications and margins, and pass on savings to customers by eliminating middle men. This is what distinguishes us and gives us immense credibility and leverage in our industry.
Quality Control Distribution
FSI prides itself on quality control. We begin with a team that stacks, counts and grades all forage products. We test, probe, and tag all forage products while offering a superior product. With control of the farms and logistics involved with alfalfa baling, loading, and transportation FSI has great competitive advantages to sell local hay to dairies, feed lots, feed stores and exporters.
Risk Management Farm Management
FSI offers end users of grains pricing strategies that will allow them to control their risk. Customers are able to maintain consistent supply and lock in prices whereby they can benefit if prices go lower but not be at risk if prices go substantially higher. One thing FSI realized from the beginning is that control over our supply is paramount to our success. To be able to offer worldwide customers consistent supply of our high quality products month in and month out, we must grow a large portion of our annual needs.
“These guys know farming and know how to meet the needs of today’s customers.”
Andy Burns
Larsen Farms
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